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4 reasons why you should have home insurance

Your home is not just a home. This is a valuable asset that requires years of hard work and savings to acquire. Since you’ve worked hard to create a comfortable home, having the right home protection can be of great benefit to you, especially in the following scenarios:

You live in an area that experiences frequent floods and earthquakes

Living in an area with constant natural disasters puts your home at risk of serious damage. Residents of central Vietnam, for example, face heavy flooding from October to late November. Living in a residential area in a low-lying area can also make your home more vulnerable to flooding. The basement has several entry points that make it easy for water to enter. Cracks in the roof, ceiling, and walls of your home that are not repaired immediately can also cause serious damage, as long as repairs are expensive. Because natural disasters are unpredictable, you can prepare yourself with home insurance.

You live with young children and parents

When was the last time your child tripped over a toy lying around? Falls are one of the most common household accidents that occur in children and the elderly. In addition to installing an anti-slip mat at home, you can also protect your family by taking home insurance. Home insurance covers personal accident costs for injuries that occur at home. This will greatly relieve when one day you are faced with very high medical costs.

Your house contains valuable treasures

Whether you’re collecting designer bags or owning the latest electronics, home insurance comes in handy to cover the contents of this precious home. If your home is ransacked by a burglar or your electronics are struck by lightning, home insurance will cover the replacement or repair costs. Don’t forget that there are limits to each item covered, so consider purchasing more insurance coverage if you own valuable jewelry and electronics.

You rent your house

Home insurance can cover you with third-party coverage when your home is rented. As a property owner, you may be liable for injuries suffered by tenants while in your home. The right home insurance plan will help you cover renter’s medical expenses when they occur. With strangers living in the house, there is also the risk of theft. Homeowners insurance covers the risk of theft or fire caused by the tenant.

All homeowners can benefit from home insurance. If any of these scenarios happen to you, it’s important to have a comprehensive plan for your home. Need help finding the right home insurance? Contact us or find out here.

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