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Benefits and Benefits of Child Health Insurance

One proof of parental love for their children is to provide child health insurance. Because who wants their child to be sick? However, if that happens, parents will be calmer because there is protection.

If you already have family health insurance, you can include your child in the same insurance policy. So you no longer need to buy two different insurance policies with the same benefits.
Why Need Child Health Insurance?

There are several reasons why you need special insurance for your child.

First, the health insurance that you have does not provide protection for your child, meaning you have to look for health insurance that is suitable for your child.

There are also those who provide protection for children but with a record that children are more than 5 years old. Less than that age, the child is not covered by insurance.

One of them is protection from BPJS Health. Newborns are not automatically covered by BPJS Kesehatan. BPJS usually only covers all actions related to the baby’s mother.

In fact, the treatment between general practitioners and pediatricians is very different. That’s why, child health insurance is necessary to cover all the needs of your child. Especially for examination and treatment in a special hospital for children.

Second, health insurance for children provides protection specifically designed for children.

This child health insurance generally includes routine health checks, eye examinations, and reimbursement of immunization costs. There is child insurance which is calculated since the child is 5 months old from birth and there is also child health insurance which covers until the child is born.

What about health insurance for children? Check out the following explanation.
Family Health Insurance Can Protect Children

Not many know that currently there is family health insurance that also provides protection for children.

The advantage is that you only have one insurance policy but cover the whole family. This product will usually protect three to five people in a family as evidenced by a family card.

Coverage of protection also varies. Starting from outpatient care, inpatient care, compensation for hospitalization due to illness and accidents, and surgery compensation. Well, this family health insurance premium is of course adjusted to the benefits that will be received.

The following are the characteristics of health insurance that are suitable for children and a guide to choosing the right one.
Important Criteria for Child Health Insurance

Please note that adult health insurance is different from child health insurance. Likewise, if you have family health insurance, make sure the insurance policy has special benefits for children.

The main difference between regular health insurance and children’s health insurance is that the benefits insured in this case are children of a certain age, including:

Outpatient, and

While ordinary health insurance only covers outpatient and inpatient. Even though children still need some mandatory immunizations to avoid certain risks of developing certain diseases when they are adults.

In addition, you can also see the hospital network provided by the insurance company. Some cities now have special hospitals for mothers and children. Choose a hospital that suits your child’s needs.

If you already have a particular pediatrician, make sure that the doctor is covered by the child health insurance policy you choose.

Likewise with health services such as the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), because not all hospitals have these facilities.

NICU is a special treatment room in a hospital that is used for premature babies and newborns to receive intensive care to prevent organ failure in infants.
How to Choose the Best Child Health Insurance

Seeing the differences in the needs of adults and children, you need to be more selective in choosing children’s health insurance.

Ensure the benefits provided to children are in accordance with the child’s needs, such as immunizations or vaccinations to maintenance of eye and dental health in addition to guaranteed outpatient and inpatient benefits.
Choose a cashless payment system so you don’t have to bother with the hospital reimbursement system.
Make sure the child health insurance you choose has a network of hospitals that provide special services for children. Especially the maternal and child hospital network.
Check the availability of special facilities for children at the nearest hospital of your choice. This is because the need for facilities for children is different from

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