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Family Health Insurance for Babies. Is it important?

A young family that has just been blessed with a child is entering a new, more colorful phase of life. However, the presence of the baby also brings new responsibilities in it, including related to health protection that requires financial readiness. Therefore, to help you establish yourself in buying family health insurance for babies, first consider the benefits that you can get with this one insurance!

Helping Childbirth

Having family health insurance is important, and not only for the baby, but also for the mother holding the baby. The reason is, the mother cannot predict the condition of the fetus in the womb or the delivery process in the future. Therefore, it is very necessary to use family health insurance.

Help Care for Children Prone to Pain

It’s important that you set up an emergency fund for your child’s medical expenses and don’t leave the disease untreatable because you don’t have the money for treatment. Of course, this emergency fund can also be provided through family health insurance products. You just pay the regular premium. So, when your child is sick, you only need to show an insurance card to go to the hospital.

Maintaining Financial Condition

The money spent on medical expenses will definitely drain your income quickly. Of course, family health insurance for babies is needed to maintain the stability of your family’s financial condition. So, don’t let your child’s health be neglected because you don’t have enough savings or an emergency fund.

Get Immunization Guarantee

As a general rule, mandatory vaccinations are covered by the state. You can get it for free at the Posyandu or Puskesmas. However, for additional immunizations, such as HPV, influenza and typhoid vaccines, these immunizations are not covered by the government so you have to pay to get them. However, some family health insurance companies offer immunization facilities in their products. So if you want additional immunizations, you can buy health insurance products for babies.

More Affordable Premium

Another benefit of family health insurance for babies that you can get is a more affordable premium value. This is because the premiums charged to younger insureds tend to be cheaper than buying them when they are older. Therefore, it is now better to take out family health insurance at a more affordable premium than to postpone insurance until your child is an adult.

Children’s needs are increasingly complex, so young parents need to think wisely whether to buy family health insurance for their children. For that, here are some things to consider in choosing the best family health insurance.

Birth History and Child Health Conditions

Before you decide to take out family health insurance for your child, it is important that you look at their birth history. Was the birth of your child okay, or are there special problems?

Because the birth of a child has a major impact on the health of the child in the future. For example, babies with premature birth or lung disease that have not yet fully matured are more likely to experience shortness of breath in later years.

It is also linked to weight gain, which can affect a child’s immune system. If you have special problems with the birth of your child, we recommend that you consider taking out special health insurance. This allows you to predict in advance the risk of financial loss due to medical expenses. On the other hand, if you don’t have any major problems during childbirth, you can postpone your special health insurance coverage and focus more on your health care.

Choose the Right Family Health Insurance

If your family’s financial condition becomes safer when you have health insurance, then make sure you choose the right family health insurance. For example, family health insurance is a type of daily benefit that can be used as a complement to the health insurance you already have from the office or BPJS Kesehatan.

In addition, pay attention to the level of protection provided. Ideally, family health insurance for infants does not only provide benefits in the event of hospitalization. Thus, the comprehensive protection offered can help you focus more on managing your child’s other financial needs.

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