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Important! 6 Tips for Choosing Health Insurance for Children

The love of parents for children can be shown through many things, for example registering children for health insurance. In this pandemic period, especially in the midst of rampant acute hepatitis which is being aggressively attacked children aged 1 month – 6 years, having health insurance is considered very important to prevent the risk of the disease. Well, see the following explanation of how to choose health insurance, come on!

Health Insurance for Children

Surely no parent wants their child to be sick, right? However, if that happens, parents will be calmer because there is protection. However, it will be safer and more protected if you as a parent already have family health insurance.

You can include children in the same insurance policy. That way, you no longer need to buy two different insurance policies with the same benefits. Seeing the differences in the needs of adults and children, you need to be more selective in choosing children’s health insurance. Here’s how to choose health insurance for children.

Benefits According to Children’s Needs

When choosing health insurance for children, you must ensure that the health insurance product best suits your needs. For example for immunization needs, dental and eye health, and of course outpatient and inpatient care.

Easy Claim System

It is important for children’s health insurance to think about aspects of the claims system. Don’t let you and your child get confused by a complicated claim system. We recommend that you choose an insurance issuer that provides cashless claim services so that medical expenses and hospital reimbursement are easy to obtain.

Extensive Hospital Partner Network

While traveling, you definitely don’t want your child to get sick or have an accident while playing. For that, make sure the network of partner hospitals in health insurance is wide enough. So you will feel safe and comfortable while on vacation or visiting your grandparents’ house.

Adequate Facilities in All Partner Hospitals

When choosing health insurance, you should consider the facilities obtained at partner hospitals. For example, the ease of upgrading rooms from 2 beds to 1 bed per room. Also ensure the availability of special facilities for children at partner hospitals.

Because of course the needs of facilities for children and adults are very different. So, facilities and services cannot be equated.

Insurance Premiums Adjusted to Financial Conditions

The scourge of parents considering having health insurance for their children is the payment of premiums. For this reason, before determining the choice of insurance products, it is better to adjust to your financial needs. Prioritizing those who benefit from full inpatient and outpatient protection.

Choose Pure Health Insurance

The number of health insurance products on the market certainly makes parents confused. Some offer pure health insurance, unit-linked health insurance, life insurance with additional health insurance, and education insurance with additional health insurance.

Keep in mind that health insurance and life insurance are very different. Keep in mind that health insurance is pure insurance that provides protection for children’s health. Therefore, it is better to choose what you really need.

No need to take insurance with health benefits combined with life. Because this will reduce the benefits you receive but the premium is actually quite high. By knowing this method, it is hoped that parents will be wiser in choosing the right child health insurance in order to get maximum health protection.

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