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The Importance of Insurance for College Children and Prospective Students

With the rising cost of health insurance and the high probability of unexpected illness, ensuring the quality of your health is not something to be ignored, but a very important factor to consider. Whether your child is starting your college career or preparing to study abroad, there is a student insurance plan available to you. Student health insurance will not only keep you healthy on campus and help you save money, most colleges and universities require proof of student health insurance.

Disease Risk on Campus
Going to college is a big step! It could be that you think insurance is not important, that’s a big mistake because student health is important. The lure of stepping out of your comfort zone, your first taste of living alone, and a new sense of freedom can easily make you forget that being sick isn’t the same as being away from home.

Research has shown that the most common forms of illness afflicting college students include: colds & flu, sleep, stress, stomach flu, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and allergies. Some of the diseases mentioned above are easily transmitted and in institutional settings may be difficult to avoid. Living in dorms in very close quarters, lack of sleep to study, and exploring the nightlife can easily lead to a weaker immune system if not balanced with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Stomach problems and allergies may also be due to the fact that you may have to adjust to new foods and plants in their new environment.

While these common illnesses don’t tend to be severe, they can often progress to a worse condition or cause additional illness if left untreated. This is a very common case for those who are uninsured; because they generally receive less health care.

The allure of stepping out of your comfort zone, your first taste of living alone, and a new sense of freedom can easily make you forget that pain isn’t the same when you’re away from home. Especially without the care of your family when you are feeling weak and vulnerable can be a very difficult experience, but having the financial peace of mind to visit a doctor or hospital for a check-up and treatment without any hassle can make the process easier.

The Importance of Insured Students
In general, young adults aged 18 to 34 tend to have the highest rates of being uninsured. As mentioned earlier, those who do not have insurance have a higher chance of facing more severe illness due to the lack of health care that is sought and received. Since unexpected illness is one of the main factors causing family debt, student health insurance should be seen as an important investment.

Obtaining student health insurance can be compared to purchasing this type of coverage. While it may seem like another monthly bill at first, what you are paying for is long term protection and future assistance and satisfaction for any medical incident that may occur. With student health insurance, the financial stress that may come with doctor visits can be reduced. For example, those who are uninsured often have a harder time negotiating prescription prices because they don’t have the backing of the big companies behind them. With the rising cost of prescription drugs, it is becoming increasingly rare for uninsured people to choose to skip their medication to save money.

Even after sacrificing some of your health care, usually some of that savings is diverted to cover medical expenses rather than other necessary payments. Those who remain uninsured can pay more than 1/3 of their own medical expenses. The out-of-pocket amount always depends on the medical issue, but these unexpected costs can make uninsured people three times more likely to have trouble paying basic necessities. As a student, this can mean less money for groceries, rent, tuition payments, and entertainment.

Why is Student Health Insurance more important than Parent’s insurance?
One of the many benefits of purchasing insurance plans for students is that they are offered at affordable prices and designed to meet the needs of each student’s situation. While each university may have its own requirements, this student health insurance plan is designed to meet most of the requirements. Not only is this plan easily fulfilled the specifications of each school, but they also ease the bureaucratic process by helping with paperwork.

While there may be an option to keep your parents’ health insurance, these insurance plans for students can often save you money in the long run and offer a great deal of flexibility. There are plans that allow you to purchase coverage for the specific time you need. Plans range from simple months to months to full semesters or academic years. In addition to a flexible timeline, student health insurance combats the limitations that often occur with private insurance. Your parent’s insurance plan may have very specific limits on where you can be cared for and by whom. If you are away from home, it may not be easy to find a healthcare provider in your area. In the event of any kind of emergency, having the flexibility of an individual student plan opens up your provider network and lifts this potential burden. With the growing number of family plans, paying for a separate student health insurance program may be a wiser option than continuing to pay more expensive monthly premiums to keep you on your parent’s plan.

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