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Want to invite your family while studying in Australia, here’s the preparation

Bringing the family when traveling to study has its own advantages. In addition to peace of mind, bringing your family also provides an opportunity for all family members to experience life in an overseas country like Australia, for example. Most students in Australia go first on their own.

After everything was arranged, the residence was there, the early academic life was well spent, then the family was brought in.

For me who has a baby, it is impossible to leave a baby who still needs breast milk even for a moment.

In addition, his own concerns due to the pandemic are also looming. A friend was forced to separate from his family for two years due to the closure of the Australian border. The border was closed just days before his family left to follow him to Australia.

So that the family can come with us when they start learning, here are some things that can be done:

1. Save beforehand

Bringing your family while studying in Australia certainly costs a lot.

Even the most generous LPDP provides additional benefits in the form of new family allowances in the second year.

This means that the first year costs if you bring your family, you have to pay for it yourself. Not to mention plane tickets and insurance costs. For someone like me with a mediocre income, of course, you have to save first.

Trying not to buy things that don’t really matter is an absolute must.

I even tried to save a few years before leaving. Even before being accepted into a university in Australia.

This is very useful because when applying for a family visa there must be a checking account as security for the family. More or less shows that our family will be financially secure when participating.

For students themselves, actually without a checking account is not a problem. A statement of funding from the scholarship provider is sufficient.

What needs to be considered again why we have to save first is that our checking account must be “pretty” in the last three months before applying for a visa. Do not let a sudden transfer of large amounts that can be identified with a scam.

2. Keep your health as optimal as possible

Health is certainly a major part. We can’t leave sick.

In addition, during a medical examination as one of the requirements for applying for a visa, we must be in top condition. Australia is quite strict when it comes to TB disease.

A friend had to delay his departure because of stains on his lungs during an X-ray. Pain is not a desire.

However, maintaining the best possible health should still be done. If in the end we get sick too, at least we don’t regret it because we tried our best.

When leaving for Australia, the border has just opened and the early stages are exclusively for students. The requirement to be able to fly still requires a negative PCR test result for Covid.

To keep this in mind, I try to keep myself and my family members from interacting with many people for a while. I only dared to say goodbye to my friends after doing the PCR test.

However, the testing agency must also be registered with the Ministry of Health and be recognized by the airline.

It’s really sad to see a prospective passenger who is not departed because the place where he is doing the test is not registered so that his report cannot be traced in his care and protection. It’s a shame not to have to leave because of “small” things.

3. Preparing Children’s School

One of the requirements for applying for a visa for school-age children is an acceptance letter from the school or related department. Therefore, seeking information and enrolling schoolchildren in Australia need to be prepared before applying for a visa.

To prepare for this children’s school, several documents are needed such as passports of children and parents, KK of parents and report cards of children for the last two years. Everything is in digital form. If the report card is in Indonesian, try to translate it to a sworn translator.

4. Prepare child immunization records

A child’s immunization record is usually required when a child enrolls in primary school. Immunization records are also required for infants. The point is to adjust the types of immunizations that have been received and those that have not.

When you arrive in Australia, you can come directly to your general practitioner or GP (General Practitioner) to be evaluated for immunization. If something is missing, an immunization will be carried out by a doctor.

5. Find information about job opportunities

Worrying about whether or not my family’s needs were met when I arrived in Australia was quite worrying for me.

My mother and siblings even warned them to let me know if they couldn’t eat abroad. Are they paying attention?

Our various alternatives i thinking. Among other things, using my salary as an ASN because I still get a salary during my study assignments and using my husband’s shop which is still operating even though we are gone. If calculated, the amount is still very far from the cost of living needed in Australia.

Therefore, it is very important to seek information about job opportunities in Australia for couples. I asked many friends who had left early.

Thank God, just a month after arriving in Australia, my husband got a job on the recommendation of a friend. You could say enough to meet the needs of survival in overseas lands. Thank goodness you can save for retirement, right?

More or less the steps above that I took to be able to go with my family.

For friends who want to bring their family while studying in Australia, hopefully the tips above can be used as an alternative preparation effort.

Good luck, best wishes always.

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